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Everyday Medicine

Findlay’s offers a large selection of everyday medicines, also known as OTC or over the counter medicine. We have all of your favourite, trusted brands as well as the latest products and our value priced Option+ generic store brand. These medicines are safe and effective when you follow the directions on the label. Still have questions? Our pharmacists would be happy to help.

Allergy & Sinus

Itchy watery eyes? Runny Nose? Sneezing? Don’t let allergies ruin your day! Try one of our effective allergy relief products.

* Allergy Medicines

* Children’s Allergy and Sinus

* Nasal Sprays

* Nasal Strips

* Saline

* Sinus Medicine


Digestive Care

We have a large selection of products to address many common digestive conditions.

* Antacids

* Constipation Relief

* Diarrhea Relief

* Fiber

* Gas Relief

* Lactose Intolerance

* Laxatives

* Motion Sickness/ Nausea


Family Planning

With a wide range of the most trusted brands in family planning and sexual well being, you’ll find the products that fit your lifestyle.

* Condoms & Contraceptives

* Intimate Care

* Lubricants & Moisturizers

* Pregnancy & Fertility


Foot Care

If your feet are happy, you are happy.


* Comfort Insoles & Cushions

* Corn, Blister, Bunion & Fungus Solutions

* Foot Creams

* Foot Powders

* Foot Scrubs

* Foot Spas

* Odour Control

* Pedicure Tools


Smoking Cessation

Transition to a smoke-free lifestyle using one of our many products:


* Inhalers

* Mints

* Nicotine gum

* Patches

* Sprays

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Cough & Cold

Feel better faster with convenient non-prescription medications formulated to treat your specific cold and

flu symptoms.

* Chest Rubs

* Cold Remedies

* Cough/ Sore Throat Relief


Eye & Ear

Alleviate common eye and ear discomfort and keep them healthy, with our wide assortment of eye and ear care products.

* Contact Lens Cases

* Contact Lens Solution/Drops

* Dry Eye Relief

* Ear Plugs

* Ear Wax Removal

* Earache/Infection Relief

* Eye First Aid

* Reading Glasses

* Redness Relief

* Sunglasses


First Aid

Be prepared with a well stocked first aid kit at home, cottage and on the go. We have the supplies you’ll need for scrapes and cuts, minor injuries, post surgery care and more.

* Antibiotics & Antiseptics

* Bandages & Bandaging Supplies

* Burn Care

* Gloves/Masks

* Hot/Cold Therapy

* Itching/Rash Treatments

* Wound Care


Pain Relief

Muscle Injury? Headache? Arthritis? Inflammation? Pain can come in many forms, but there are just as many solutions. Let us help you find which pain relief medication would work for you.

* Arthritis Pain Relief

* Hemorrhoid Care

* Hot/Cold Therapy

* Joint & Muscle Pain Relief

* Rubs & Ointments



We all face common health problems, and Findlay’s vitamin section has a vitamin that is right for you. With a wide variety of vitamins and supplements, our vitamin section can provide for infants, children and adults. The knowledgeable staff at Findlay’s can help you choose supplements that will help you achieve your full health potential and a more enjoyable, vibrant life.


* Antioxidants

* Calcium and Minerals

* Eye Health

* Fish Oil, Omegas

* Herbs

* Multivitamins

* Probiotics

* Vitamins A to Z

Brands we offer:

* Jamieson

* Nature’s Bounty

* Now

* Preser Vision

* Sisu

* Swiss

* Vitalux

* Webber Naturals

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