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Cosmetics & Beauty

We are happy to offer:

  • Beauty Advisors

  • Custom Bath Gift Baskets

  • Free Makeup Consultations

  • Free Skincare Consultation

  • Makeup Application

  • Photo Gift Registry


Our Cosmetics staff is constantly upgrading to learn the latest techniques in makeup application and skincare analysis. Some of our staff graduated from the Canadian Cosmetics Career Association Cosmetician Course. With over thirty combined years in a cosmetic setting, these girls bring a wealth of expertise to the department.

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”

- Coco Chanel

Bath Boutique

* Bath Bombs

* Bath Salts

* Eye & Face Masks

* Fine Soaps

* Luxury Hand & Body Washes

* Luxury Lotions


Brands we offer:

* Barefoot Venus

* Earth Luxe

* J.R Watkins

* Vitabath

* Nature’s Essential Garden

* Natural Inspirations



Findlay’s offers the largest selection of prestige, designer and celebrity fragrances in the area. Whether you prefer floral, oriental, fresh or woody notes, you’ll find distinctive fragrances that suit your personality.


Nail Care

Brands we offer:

* Sally Hansen

* Revlon


Essential Oils

Invigorate your senses with essential oils extracted from flowers, fruits, barks, herbs and spices. Experience single note or blended oils among with infused body care products. Transform your home or workplace with an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser and wear your own custom scent with an aromatherapy necklace or bracelet



Brands we offer:

* Almay

* Annabelle

* Covergirl

* Elizabeth Arden

* L’oreal

* Marcelle

* Maybelline

* Pupa

* Revlon


Skin Care

Brands we offer:

* Dermo-cosmoceutical

* La Roche Posay

* Neostrata

* Vichy

* Marcelle

* Prestige

* Elizabeth Arden

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